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And certainly, you need to first get freedom FROM. But do we hear much about what they'd like freedom TO DO... What they want it TO BE. They don't seem to talk about THAT. And THAT is what I feel is the problem with folks who are preached to stop their smoking- to get their freedom from nicotine and from the nasty parts of their cigarettes. And that's all well and good. But what are these smokers told to do with their great freedom? Once they get freedom FROM their smoking, what can they then have freedom TO DO, TO BE?

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I asked my parents to make sure to take care of my toy horse for me. When I was well enough to come to the kitchen table, I brought my horse with me and tried to feed it. I wanted so much to go outside and play, but, my mother insisted that I stay inside until the coughing stopped.

I know... I was one of the biggest perpetrators of stinkin' thinkin' you've ever met. But that simple, yet profound, shift, when it comes over you - actually when you make it your objective to change it - just puts a different shading on how you see nearly every hour of your life...

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Why not just continue to hold your head high, say little, ride out your days with the Dodgers and then show up at the new Stadium on the wrong side of 161st street some sunny Sunday afternoon and let them hang a #6 on the fence? Were you that hurt that they ignored you at the final game funny quotes at the old new Stadium? Are you looking for a hug?

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