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The truth is, however, that Sparkling is just as entreprenurial as Wall Street. Famous stars know ways to turn their image coupled with persona into big dollar bills... and one of the ways they do this is, apparently, by becoming in Japanese car commercials.

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Modeled on a longitudinal test tracking children from age six to eighteen, research scientists found that the better children are exposed to content intended for older people in television and movies, the earlier they be sexually active during growing up.

People around the globe Americans like to expect all the Hollywood actors we idolize made it big time purely on their strong points. We have this image in a lot of our heads of a lowly key grip who started 'discovered' by a big-time director, and went on to become the likes pointing to George Clooney or Mr brad pitt. Their fame and fortune? A result of the one and only the roles they play in blockbuster movies.

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